It is my privilege to introduce to you a woman gifted in teaching and training up-and-coming leaders. Graced in the skill of administration for “now” leaders. She is genuine in her command for counseling and sincere in sacrificing for that which she embraces and that which embraces her; Minister Michelle Small.

– Bishop Dr. Jeronn C. Williams,
Pastor/Founder, New Life International Family Church
Presiding Prelate, Breath of Life Fellowship, Atlanta Georgia

Through the years I’ve come to appreciate the influence of Michelle Small’s prayers, teaching and mentoring in my life. She consistently provides practical guidelines from the Word of God to empower and encourage you to become what God has ordained before the very foundations of the earth. I am learning to be a more “courageous me”! I am blessed to serve in God’s vineyard with such a woman of wisdom.

-Min. Beverly Cole
S.O.A.R. Womens’ Ministry,
Lovejoy Georgia

I have had the privilege of working in ministry with Michelle Small over 15 years. During this time, as a leader, I have been fortunate to glean from her teaching and coaching which has increased my confidence and strategy in leadership and as a business owner. Also, during this time, I have witnessed her work with other leaders as they have begun the actualization of their dreams and visions.

CourageousMi is a beacon of light and hope for those leaders who have lost sight of their identity and the purpose in which they were gifted to the earth. Through CourageousMi, Michelle Small offers practical and relevant teaching and innovative strategies to address the pitfalls of leadership, as well as the necessary tactics to regain and maintain. It is through CourageousMi that leaders are re-emerging and regaining the momentum to push forward in their passions, missions, visions, and desires to change the world.

Dr. LaToya K. Williams,
EdD, LCSW CEO/Psychotherapist

There is such a profound need for CourageousMi in this world, where leaders are hiding behind a label of busyness hoping to be productive. CourageousMi Personal Planning & Life Assessment program empowered me to discover and embrace a systematic path that will lead me to accomplish the ideas and goals God has given me. I was amazed to learn that these ideas and goals are interconnected to my true purpose and my personal Brand. Because of my experience with the CourageousMi program, I am excited to announce the launching of my first business, Strong Entertainment Management Group, LLC. CourageousMi can equip you to be a bold and courageous trailblazer within your life.

Monique Strong
Strong Entertainment Management Group, LLC

There are some people reluctant to throw out a lifeline for fear that the one drowning might drown them in the process -BUT You on the other hand teach us how to SWIM ashore and that’s LIFESAVING! Don’t ever  doubt the EFFECTIVENESS of your gift in serving or in conversation.  

-Tonya M. Bonner
Jeronn Authenticate

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